Consentify for Website Owners

Consentify provides UK website operators with a secondary mechanism to reinforce implied consent as demanded by ICO guidelines to comply with EU Cookie Privacy Law.

Our jQuery plugin checks for our consent cookie on the user's machine. If the cookie is not found, Consentify displays a notification to the user. The notification informs the user of the use of cookies on the website and provides information about the Consentify network, explaining that dismissing the notification will prevent the user from being nagged by further notifications on this or other websites.

Once the Consentify notification has been dismissed, we store a cookie on the user’s machine indicating the users consent.

Once the user has a Consentify cookie, they will not receive further alerts. If a website is visited by a user who has previously joined the Consentify consent scheme, they will not receive another alert.

UK websites which use Consentify should still have a clearly visible and appropriately labelled privacy policy in order to comply with ICO guidelines.